our services

AWWL offers services in the following key water utility improvement areas:

     i.        Water Utility Performance Improvement

*      Institutional & Organizational Strengthening

*      Data Management Improvement in the water sector

*      Billing and Revenue Improvement

*      Training and Capacity Building

*      Operations and Maintenance Improvement

*      Pro-Poor Water and Sanitation Services Design and implementation 

*      Strategic Plan Preparation and Mid-Term Review

*      Water and Sanitation Policy Formulation and Review

    ii.        Integrated Water Resources Management

*      Assessing the Enabling Environment

*      Assessing adequacy of Institutional Structures

*      Management Instruments

*      Infrastructure development

   iii.        Water Supply Design and Construction Supervision

*      Planning and Feasibility studies for Water Supply and Sanitation Systems

*      Preliminary and detailed Design for Water Supply and Sanitation Systems

*      Hydrogeological surveys and ground water abstraction

*      Water Resources Management Infrastructure development

*      Stormwater drainage designs

   iv.        Energy Systems Design and Management

*      Energy Performance Audits

*      Energy Performance Improvement

*      Solar Systems Design, Installation and Maintenance

*      Green Energy Cost Benefit Analysis for Businesses