our partners

From 2018 to date, we have registered a wide spectrum of partnerships as follows:


i)    In June 2021 we signed an MoU with Strathmore University Business School to establish a Water Governance Technology and Innovation Hub aiming at  Research, Training and Consultancy to improve Water Governance Practices in the Water Sector.

The specific objectives of the Water Governance and Innovation Hub are:

*  Build capacities and promote water education through short courses and postgraduate studies.

*  Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental experts and agencies from a wide range of professional sectors and disciplines in water  governance, technology, and innovation.

* Promote innovation and knowledge generation on water governance, technology, and innovation through research, policy dialogues, symposia, workshops, and seminars.

*  Undertake consultancies in water governance, technology, and innovation.

* Convene dialogues with communities to lobby for and promote relevant policies for the provision of safe water, sanitation, and waste management in a sustainable way in accordance with SDG 6.

ii)   In 2018 we entred into a working Agreement with Lisber Enterprise Ltd, a Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Construction Company, to cooperate in implementing all relevant assignments contracted to AWWL.