Mr William O. Mboya – Research and Team Lead

William Mboya is the Managing Director of AWWL responsible for implementing strategic business of the company. He holds a MSc in Water Management (Specializing in Water Services Management) from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, Netherlands. Apart from having been a Senior Manager at a leading Water Utility in Kenya, William was the Project Manager of the Pilot Nyalenda Pro-Poor Water and Sanitation Project. From July 2010 to date he been implementing donor funded, Water Utility funded and NGO funded projects both in Kenya and overseas. Some of the donor funded projects done include water utility O+M Management, NRW Management, stakeholder engagement in Bulk water PPP Project, Institutional and Organizational Strengthening, Billing and Customer Management, Development of Water Resources Strategy for River Basin Management and Strategic Plan development and implementation Training. Therefore, William brings a rich water governance research and consultancy experience in the leadership of AWWL.

Eng. Bernard Owiti Muga – Water Systems and Engineering Design Expert

Eng. Bernard leads the Water and Sanitation Engineering Design and Supervision components at Africa Water Watch Ltd.  He has over 20 years relevant experience in Water Utility Management and the overall project management covering planning, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design and construction supervision for implementation of Water Supply, Sanitation Project and infrastructural (roads and drainages) projects. Bernard has BSc. (Civil) Engineering from University of Nairobi and MSc. in Sanitary Engineering from UNESCO-IHE, Delft.   

Eng. Steven Opiyo Oluoch – Water Treatment and O & M Expert 

Steve is currently an O&M Consultant leading the training and capacity building of Nairobi Water, Ruiru Juja and Oloolaiser Water Utilities’ Water Treatment Optimization Improvement under the Nairobi Satellite Towns Water and Sanitation Development Project and the Nairobi Distribution Network Extension Project in Kenya.  Steve’s successful contribution to the water treatment process optimisation and chemical usage cost reduction for the 3 WSPs has been remarkable and worth replicating in other WSPs like KIWASCO.

He has 26 years of experience mainly Water Utility Management, Water Supply System Design and Construction Supervision; and Coordination of Water & Sanitation projects to improve services in the Informal Settlement. He holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering specializing in Hydraulics and Water Infrastructure from Belarusian Polytechnic Institute – Belorussia.

Benson Owuor Ochieng – Trainer on natural resources law and water law

Benson is a regular trainer on natural resources law and water law for the Law for governmental institutions, Law Society of Kenya’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, Judiciary Training Institute (JTI) and Parliaments in East Africa. He serves on LSK’s Environment, Land and Natural Resources Committee and applies his knowledge and skills on opportunities for promoting environmental law and its practice through partnerships, resource mobilization and capacity building for judicial officers and advocates in Kenya, Africa and globally. He has recently been involved in UNEP/JTI efforts to develop a model curriculum for mainstreaming environmental law in judicial training in Africa.

Mrs Caroline Murungi Mukolwe – Environmental Protection and Pro-poor Projects Expert

Caroline leads the Environmental Protection and Management component of projects at the firm. She holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science specializing in Environmental Planning and Management from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education – Delft, the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management from Makerere University, Uganda. Caroline Murungi has 7 years of extensive relevant work experience in WASH, Community Participatory Approaches, Environmental Planning and Management research, consultancy, training and capacity building with strong focus on pro-poor services.

Sammy M. Mutavi Muvela – Socio-economist and Financial Analyst

Sammy leads the financial analysis component of our projects. He has been part of large infrastructure projects, carrying out socio-economic and financial analysis for the past 21 years. His past work has included:

  • Analysis of local money and capital markets, and economic trends for investment selection and investment modelling;
  • Recommending institutional revenue improvement strategies;
  • Assess project financial/economic viability, in particular water and sanitation projects; and
  • Preparing Business Plans and Investment Programs. He has been carrying out financial analyses of the water facilities focusing on:
  • Definition of capital costs for the design and construction of all the proposed project elements, including any support activities;
  • Preparing estimates for recurrent costs for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the facilities with expenditure categories including staff requirements, energy, transportation and administrative costs, water allocation/abstraction (catchment based and ecosystem services) costs, water source protection costs; and
  • Calculating the level of water fees that covers the O & M tasks estimated through interactive analysis.

Damaris Ochanda: PHD (Public Health) from JOOUST, Kenya; MA in Health Studies – Nursing Leadership and Administration from University of South Africa; B.Sc. in Nursing from University of Nairobi. Damaris is registered nurse and a member of the National Nurses Association of Kenya. Has over 13 years at senior management, university teaching, research and consultancy in the Health sector. She is currently the Public Health consultant at Africa Water Watch.