About Us

Africa Water Watch was established as a research and consultancy firm providing technical and management services in water conservation, public health promotion and environmental life protection.The company is based in Kenya and we have been operating since June 2015. 

We specialise in undertaking action research in water and sanitation management (supply and demand sides), technical support and business development services of water and environmental organisations. We endeavour to create awareness and beneficial understanding of the water-public health-environment nexus for the benefit of mankind.

Our team of researchers and consultants bring many years of experience in action research focused on water (resources and services) & environmental management; Water Utility Institutional Analysis and Organizational Development; NRW Management; Feasibility studies, Design and Construction supervision of WASH infrastructure; Water and Sanitation Systems O+M capacity building; Water Treatment Process Optimization; Pro-Poor WASH projects Design and implementation; and Strategic planning, implementation and Monitoring.


Date of Establishment

Africa Water Watch Ltd was incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 of Kenya on 15th June 2015 under certificate number CPR/2015/194227. The company has its headquarters in Kisumu, Kenya. Its Directors and Consultants have more than 15 years of experience in providing capacity building in water and sanitation management, Water Resources, Water Governance and Environmental Management. In addition, since October 2018 Africa Water Watch Ltd has been providing water and sanitation design and construction supervision services. The main objective of Africa Water Watch is to contribute towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) through interventions that enhance availability, accessibility, equity and sustainable management of Water and sanitation for all.


Core Business of the Firm:

Africa Water Watch provides services in Water Supply Design, Construction Supervision and Rehabilitation, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) management, Revenue Improvement and Assurance, Staff Training and Capacity Building, Baseline Surveys for Water Utilities, Pro-Poor Water and Sanitation Services, Strategic Plan Formulation and Implementation Support, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Review and formulation of WSP as well as County Water and Sanitation Policies. We also support water organisation in interpreting the Water Act 2016 with regards to its impact on Taxation, Asset Management and Revenue Ring-fencing.

Our Vision:

To attain responsible and beneficial life with water and wastewater management for sustainable development.

Our Mission:

To provide reliable, timely and cost-effective applied research advisory and consultancy services in water and sanitation; to improve human life while promoting water as an inseparable part of human and environmental health for a better future.

Core Values: 

1. Customer Focus 2. Innovativeness 3. Professionalism 4. Equity 5. Accountability

Core Areas of Expertise of the firm:

Africa Water Watch Ltd is a water, sanitation and environmental research and consultancy firm which provides professional services in the following key areas: 1. Water Sector data management processes for improved Sustainability. 2. Water Utility Institutional Analysis and Organizational Development including the legal environment and institutional arrangements. 3. Non-Revenue Water Management. 4. Design and Construction supervision of Water and Sanitation infrastructure including feasibility studies. 5. Water and Sanitation Systems Operations and Maintenance capacity building, including Water Treatment Process Optimization. 6. Pro-Poor WASH projects Design and implementation. 7. Socio-Economic Surveys and Analysis. 8. Water Utility Management including technical support. 9. Strategic planning, implementation and Monitoring and 10. Water Resources Management.

The company endeavors to create impact, awareness and beneficial understanding of the water-public health-environment-business nexus through integrated designs, water management capacity building, community mobilization, water and sanitation value chain analysis and knowledge sharing among the global water resources practitioners, researchers, institutions, investors, regulators, service providers and users.

Our Motto: 

Life with Water.

Name and Address: 

Africa Water Watch Ltd, Lutheran Community Center, Opposite Mega City Shopping Mall, P.O. Box 19441-40123, KISUMU-KENYA. Telephone: +254722820216/+254732820216. Email: info@africawaterwatch.co.ke Or womboya@africawaterwatch.co.ke.