Our approach is client-need centred and focuses on sustainability of good practices after the project life. Therefore staff capacity building remains a defining factor in our services in technical, engineering, commercial, Financial, Governance, Training and Capacity Building. We use a mix of methods including research, hand-holding on-the-job training activities, periodical data analysis and reporting, review of previous performance and the underlying reasons, preparing daily and weekly deliverables for staff involved, classroom trainings, technology driven CIS planning and implementation, planning monitoring corrective actions on anomalies identified by the CIS.

Data analysis, Interpretation and reporting

We employ both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. Excel is our main platform for quantitative data analysis. On the other hand, qualitative data is transcribed, cleaned and thematically analysed. During analysis and interpretation of findings, patterns, trends and emerging issues relating to project objectives are collated to present the real picture of the situation. Findings can be presented descriptively and supported by photos, tables, frequency graphs and percentages.  

Our commitments to Deliverables and Project Timelines  

We plan together with our clients and deliver projects in a manner that leaves the greatest impact to the client. Agreed timelines, budgets and quality of work are adhered to and reviewed in advance of any changes due to unavoidable circumstances. 

Our Project Management Team Organization

The project management plan is organized as presented in the figure below for your ease of reference.

Project Management Organization structure